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Our team provides the most comprehensive and accurate kiln alignment in the industry. Conducting a hot kiln alignment is the best way to get optimal performance without changing parts. Additionally, it can uncover mechanical issues that may not be apparent. Best of all, a hot kiln alignment decreases your risk of failure. We have performed thousands of hot kiln alignments and can confidently provide you with solutions that optimize your process.

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Don’t let your rotary equipment get out of whack! Revolutionary reflectorless scanning capability gives Industrial Kiln & Dryer® the means to create a 3D model of the entire rotary unit in space to the precision of better than .01” at distances of up to 100 feet. Whether you are inquiring about preventative maintenance, experiencing wear or needing repair we are here with DATscan®.
A Drive Train Inspection increases overall reliability, reduces downtime and extends equipment life. Yearly inspections are a small investment toward avoiding an always expensive catastrophic event. A Drive Train Inspection from Industrial Kiln & Dryer includes:

  • Check alignment of pinion to gear reducer and reducer to motor
  • Check pinion slopes
  • Inspect auxiliary motor, clutches, etc.
  • Measure gear teeth
  • Inspect wear pattern on gear(s) & pinion(s)
  • Take oil samples
  • Generate a summary & findings report with recommendations
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