Parts Supply & Design

Some Things to Know About Our Parts Business:

  • Our parts are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards to handle the design loads of the unit it is being installed on, both static and dynamic
  • We only use credible companies that we have personally visited, and inspected, as sourcing partners
  • Our sourcing partners must utilize a recognized quality system and/or standard
  • Our sourcing partners must be able to trace, and document, their raw material supply
  • Our sourcing partners must be financially stable and capable

We Support All OEM Brands

New and Reconditioned, Custom and Reverse Designs

  • Dryers – Louisville Dryer, Davenport, Feeco, Superior, McDermott, Bartlett-Snow, Stansteel, Stearns Rogers, and much more
  • Kilns/Coolers – Metso, KVS, Allis-Chalmers, Fuller, Polysius, Vulcan FL Smidth
  • Ball Mills – Metso, Outokumfu, Polysius, Fuller, FL Smidth, Vulcan
  • Burners, Heaters, Chemical Feed, Lime Slaking, Hydrators, Calciners, Separators, Agglomerators, Crystallizers, and much more

Preventative Maintenance

Measurement Tools, Lubricants, and more.

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Wear Item Replacement

For Heat Source Systems, Sealing, Tires, Drive Systems, and more.

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Catastrophic Failure
We believe that this critical phase can be avoided, especially by focusing on preventive maintenance and proactive service on equipment. But if you do find yourself in a catastrophic failure situation, our team has the experience and knowledge to act swiftly to re-establish your operation as quickly as possible. Call our 24/7 emergency hotline at 877-316-6140 for immediate support.